If I should think of the best part of my life , the one that makes me truly happy I would not have any doubt and my answer would be : music. Definitively, music.
Since I have discovered that beautiful Art (I was about 4 years old) I have always been curious about it , I have always wanted to know as much as possible about everything related to her because I have chosen to give her a big role in my life. That said, it wasn’t long since I have literally fallen in love with the Beatles…and that was the precise time of my life I have had my personal musical imprinting!

So growing up it became a natural desire for me to learn how to play music! So I started to play guitar . And then I discovered that my voice was not that bad so I started to feel how incredible is the emotion of singing.
And as 1 + 1 always makes 2 I have done my best to make music a serious aspect of my life.
And as from the Beatles I have learnt the love for music I can also say that from Paul McCartney I have learnt the love for melodies – and for the bass guitar! , from Pink Floyd I have learnt the love for the unexpected, from Radiohead I have learnt the art of experimenting.

Now I am truly honoured to play with Fabio and Michele, they are two great musicians and I am learning from their big knowledge of music and they are good teachers to me.
What I am also grateful for is that music helps me gain confidence , it gives me such a thrill that I still cannot compare to anything I’ve ever felt in my life.

Tonight we’re going to our recording studio to play, in the last months we are experimenting with some brand new songs and I am loving so much the results. What I love the most is how we are able to mix three strong and different personalities speaking from a musical point of view. Another thing I absolutely love of the three of us is our full dedication to the music and it is shown during every second of the songs we play. And also if we are not the masters of instrumental techniques well we have something that is way rarer because you only get born with it and that thing is creativity.

Hope you will hear soon of the music of next Monday Futbol Club!


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