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I have a thing for Asian films and photography. The first discovered when I started attending the Venice International Film Festival many years ago, the second discovered thanks to Fabio.

I cannot give a logical explanation of the reason why I feel so attracted by that Asian different point of view on everything…maybe simply it’s because some Asian geniuses are able to show their different point of view in the most perfect and poetic way. After all I have always been violently attracted by what’s completely different, opposite compared to myself.

Some Asian eyes tell unique stories. And once you’ve seen those you will never abandon them and they will never abandon you. A link that will last forever.

Directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang in 2003 , “last life in the universe” doubtless is my favourite film – ever.

A beautiful, suspended story of a constant attempt of suicide told in an inexplicably delicate and poetic way that leaves breathless and speachless. Eros and thanatos.

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