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Wearing: vintage dress, Marc Jacobs necklace, Aldo shoes, Emilio Pucci sunglesses, Accessorize clutch bag

Been in “Villaggio Crespi D’ Adda” …what a strange place. I thought to find a deserted place but it was not or maybe it was, but in a strange way.

Oh and well summer is here – and the rain is over – so I finally can wear one of my favourite black dresses! It’s a sort of Marilyn-esque little black dress also if clearly there’s something missing up above (eh eh eh) but I am so content of being super flat!

I was also wearing my new Marc Jacobs necklace (that was a present from my sister for my birthday) . It is a beautiful little jewel that I will surely use as a necklace during spring and summer time but I can’t wait to use as a brooch during autumn and winter to add a luxury and beautiful and funny personal touch to all my scarves. Way to brighten up a fall-winter day!

Please note that my sky-high beautiful Aldo shoes are shown again! I love them, love the colour most of all and I can’t wait to get some tan to highlight them. I’m wearing them often at work , they make me feel good : the power of high heels 🙂 ! I’m kidding, but I must admit that self-confidence really goes through wearing something feminine. Because I have discovered a super simple rule : taking care of myself, dressing for myself, making choices that make ME feel good and in peace with myself…I mean I am learning little by little to be a selfish girl. That’s my own revolution.

pics by Fabio Barzaghi

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