(photography by me)

(well, not exactly tonight…but…)

Summer is that period of the year when in Milan Arena there is always some good music! This time Fabio and I went to see and listen to the Arcade Fire and what a great time we had!

Apart from the mosquitos that decided to big-party with myself, everything went on perfectly. I must admit I didn’t like very much the band White Lies (no for that kind of voice, no for that genre, no for those songs…I mean, they are a no for me) that was playing before them, instead I liked very much the Cloud Control the first band playing…must discover something about them, because they were pretty interesting!

All the songs by Arcade Fire were super catchy, and all of them required a proactive singing by all us audience, so that was fun. But what impressed me the most was that all the songs were so different one another and very complex so…wow, kudos for a band that is able to write so many genres!

Another thing I liked was the feeling of fullness that every song had, and that of course was because of the big number of the members of Arcade Fire…amazing…above all for someone like me deeply convinced that the perfect band is made of 4 elements…they really are making me change my beatles-focused-mind!

Anyway, here’s my favourite song :

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