Nail art, nail polish, beauty, flowers

photography by Fabio Barzaghi

There is a fully blossoming trend here in Milan that is about decorating one’s nails. To be honest that is something that I have seen first when I was in New York City two years ago but, as for many many things the “adoption time” here in Italy is a couple of years later.

But, as the trend is about big, thick and long nails with any sort of flower-ish, ribbon-ish, abstract simbols decorations I decided that on one hand I wanted to jump on that trend but on the other I wanted something more discreet and less artificial-looking. Most af all I didn’t want the super long nail because they’d be a big problem for me because they wouldn’t allow me to play my bass guitar.

So, basically, what’s shown in the picture is my personal “DIY nail art” made with my cyclamen nail polish with a lovely 3D flower-shaped nail sticker I have bought some days ago in the beautiful Milan China Town area.

I love the result! What do you think?

pics by Fabio Barzaghi

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