louis vuitton luggage

I love it when weekends turn out to be an occasion to have the best of times with friends and also quite productive with some stuffs that are impossible to do from Monday to Friday due to lack of time.

Spent Saturday afternoon kitchen-hunting (the new house is almost ready!) but … found the best sofa instead, and while I was looking at furnitures I ran across a marvellous Louis Vuitton vintage old suitcase! Definitively the best piece of furniture EVER! Wish I could have it too…Saturday night was about a super cold cider and a Kilkenny cream beer with a good conversation – my nr. 1 pleasures in life! And Sunday was full of laughs (I laughed ’till I cried…It was sooo good!) with some dear friends, also enjoying some artistic manholes (I never noticed before…) walking through the fashion district of Milan.

ps. Happy Halloween everybody!

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