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These last months are finding me more and more interested in interior design-related stuffs. In a few months I am moving to my new house and there’s still everything to do! So I am surfing through the internet trying to find some good furniture and decorating inspiration.

The new house is totally white and in the living room more than two walls are…not walls but bow-windows, so there will be a lot of light! On the only available wall we are thinking of a black (or dark) big bookcase (we have lots of books of photography and music). A simple desk + chair will carry the Mac and will be the official place for all fashion & photography related projects!

What I like the most of the picture above is the white detail that frames the black library, the lamps hunging on it and the fact that it is not seen simply as a place for books and nothing else as other object and flowers are there to decorate its space. Also, I find that chair so chic!

There is also a small corridor leading to the living room but putting any kind of furniture would mean reducing an already small space. So I love the idea of using that space in a creative way creating a sort of “photo gallery” (I am going to live with a photographer after all…). And I must admit I fell in love with how those frames have been set!

And there is music, of course! The picture above clearly is hard to replicate in my new house (for lack of space, simply and unfortunately) but it shows a lovely and funny idea how to “use” vinyl records (and we have plenty of those) and a record player as an active way to decorate a space. As I don’t think I will have vinyl-butterflies on the walls, I will sure dedicate a large space to musical instruments (we have five guitars! and some percussions of course, and we are always ready to expand our music family).

Which source do you usually browse for some interior design inspiration? Please share!

all images : via Pinterest

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