roses, christmas decorations

December is that month of the year when celebrating Christmas really becomes everybody’s main activity! Since I have started to date my bf, every year we are invited to some dear friends’ house to celebrate it together with all our friends. It has become a tradition now and I love it because it is the starting point of Christmas time for me!

So on Saturday we attended the annual Christmas party at our friends’ house and I must say when I entered their apartment I immediately fell for the beautiful centerpiece of roses and golden powder. Also, I love the rough fabric that contains the vase of the roses.

My friends also decorated the ceiling of their living room with lots of flying balloons…I have never entered a room like that, it was sooo beautiful!

After eating a lot of food on Saturday, on Sunday my bf and I kept on celebrating with another group of friends…going out for lunch. Man how much I ate! I really feel I am full like an egg now. What I love the most of a brunch is that I can drink more coffee than I usually do!

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