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As you all know, one of my main activities in these days is trying to figure out the best way to furnish my new apartment. As this is a brand new adventure for me I am studying lots and lots of websites and pictures to decide what’s better for me, but never I imagined it would have been so difficult!

As my new living room doesn’t almost have walls but it has giant bow-windows (the picture above shows it all in the best way), I am very much tempted to amplify the light that the room naturally owns choosing whites and caramel/light brown hues for the furnitures.

On the other hand the big contrast between the bright light of the outside with a darker and warmer atmosphere inside is undoubtedly very attractive.

Surfing around I found another inspiration that is keeping everything plain simple but adding a splash of color. It is not a bad idea but I wouldn’t want to get tired of the colored pieces as they are very much influenced by trends.

Hard decisions…How did you choose the best furniture for your own house?

all pics via Pinterest

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