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In my mind I have always thought to be not a jewel kind of girl. Don’t make me wrong, I adore jewels but I am always late so I tend to wear the same few pieces over and over almost every day.

While I was cleaning up my room some days ago I realized I own a big number of necklaces, piled up and never worn for years. Browsing those I realized they are beautiful and so now I want to wear them again! But before I must find a good way to display and store them.

Surfing throught the internet I fell for some cute and simple ways to keep necklaces hung at the wall. A gate style holder could be good for that use, for example.

Or an old rake could be perfect too (I love this!)!

Or what about using frames, putting the jewels inside? In my new apartment I will go with this one!

This one is lovely too and it is made with different knobs!

Which one do you prefer? How do you store your jewelries?

 images via pinterest

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