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As we are almost finishing to paint the new apartment, there are many decisions to take about its interior design. I think one of the hardest part is how to furnish the entry. Our new apartment is quite peculiar because it has its own entry, while it seems to be something that nobody wants anymore because it is seen as a sort of waste of useful space in times like these when houses are smaller and smaller. I have a different point of view, I like entries. I like the idea of not abruptly entering an house, instead I love savoring it little by little, discovering rooms in a delicate way.

For that reason I have been very happy to have found an apartment with an entry, but it must be equipped now! So I have spent these weeks surfing through the internet looking for some good inspiration, and here are the ideas I have found :

I like the idea of having just one white and marble shelf, but a bold and a baroque one! With a giant but simple mirror I think that’s something with an impact!

An iron-ish table with lots of flowers and the big mirror could have a colder impact, but here I love the idea of adding some beautiful flowers!

Without any doubt this one’s my favourite. I love the dark table against a whiter-than-white room, I love its semicircle shape, I love the flowers on one side and the lamp on the other. I also love all the frames but I think I would prefer a mirror on the wall.

This one’s beautiful too, because of the ancient dresser paired with the white and bold frame of the big mirror. And have you seen the chandelier? I want one like that, too!

pics by Pinterest

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