blue and green Zara high heels sandals

Wearing: Zara shoes

When it comes to shoes I must admit I have always been pretty conservative. I mean, in terms of colours above all. Some days ago I was having a look at my shoes-closet and I noticed I only have black and neutral shoes!!! And that’s because of my super laziness, of course…because shoes in basic colours simply are…simpler. That’s the way it is, I know but now I am learning how to play and express myself as much as I can with fashion, so I decided to experiment much more with both shapes and colours. So, just to be true to that, when in Zara I picked up the shoes pictured above in black (when will I ever learn?)…but when I was on the verge of paying, my sis (she was with me) basically told me that a little colour has never hurt anybody…True.

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