olive green skirt and white shirt, fashion

 (old skirt, Zara heels, old tee, Lacoste bag, Emilio Pucci sunglasses, Zara necklace, old ring)

The first signs of summer here in Milan (I am not gonna lie, these pictures were taken one week ago). This means long walks in the city – I soo love having walks! – and bare legs. I have found this skirt in a sort of outlet shop and what I love the most of it is the combination of the silky fabric and the olive green colour. That is not a colour I am very much used to, so I paired it with a trusty white tee and neutral shoes. Also, I have noticed that when the weather gets warmer I tend to wear red nail polish, but  winter inspires me to wear pink-ish shades, instead (…who knows why?…) . Yesterday I was having a look at all the nail polishes I own and reds are everywhere! And, speaking of that, super short nails are obligatory for me because If I’d have them longer how could I be able to play my bass guitar?

pics by Fabio Barzaghi

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