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The new apartment is still more than half empty, there’s just almost the bare essentials (kitchen, sofa & bed). At the moment in the big living room there is a temporary table with temporary chairs (received as gifts). Given this situation this is the right time for me to start exploring the world of tables and chairs, but to be honest I have now decided to keep my focus especially on chairs (that is without a more specific reason). The big dilemma is always there : is there a limit in the amount of white and neutral furniture I can choose? If so, where is this limit? I love basic shapes and basic colours simply because I know they are timeless and never provide any sort of boredom (I experience that every day with my fashion choices). But isn’t all white or all neutral too…white or neutral? Well maybe it is. Almost the same thing could be said about shapes, because what’s too simple and too classic tends to disappear if it is not set off properly, and that is clearly a shame. So, surfing through the internet and Pinterest  of course is a major source of inspiration, here some ideas I enjoyed the most :

I love the idea of having old-style chairs made in wood but each one different from the other ( I also am in love with those bulb-lamps int eh picture above!!!)

A classic shape and a classic white is made younger and funnier when paired with a bright colour (green, in this case)

Like the idea of keeping everything super simple but going super bold with colours and patterns (how smart is the choice of having chairs that are transparent in the lower part?)

Another awesome idea is to go for simple and classic shapes but in all the colours of the rainbow

This very last one has a more classic allure in my eyes in spite of being very futuristic in some way. pairing white with a super dark colour and some transparent cut-out plastic (amazing Louis Vuitton bag non included, unfortunately…)

So, which one do you prefer? How did you choose yours? Please share!

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