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There is the bare essential now in the new apartment, so next Autumn will be the right time to start going furniture hunting again to add something to all the – now mostly empty – rooms. I have discovered I enjoy concentrating on details and little stuffs rather than big pieces. So naturally I started browsing bedside tables, as the bedroom is the emptiest room of the new apartment, seeming a little bit sort of “abandoned”. Here the major inspirations I have found.

Pictured above a classic and old-fashioned dark wood to complement a room that, in my case, has only white and cream as the two only colours.

White and glass could be a good idea to amplify one room that’s not very big, and that’s exactly my case.

A baroque shape and some gold (or bold colour) could add some personality to a room that has simple shapes and plain colours. I must admit I like very much this idea, and I would like to add something gold and bold to the room!

A rounder shape could be more comfortable in a small room, plus having two different colours could be original and fun.

pics via Pinterest

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