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Happy 2013!

Winter is here in all its full glory , with rain and snow, very low temperatures and a deep cold. In spite of the fact that all I have wanted to do in these days is staying on my sofa with a cup of mega hot tea in my hands, smelling the super good that comes from a luxury candle, I am surprisingly amazed of the fact that I have been doing a lot of things outside my home-sweet-home for most of the time.

That said, for the new month of this new year I will keep on wearing the thickest sweaters and scarves and coats to gain and to save as much warmth as I can. I want to wear lace tights but also with polka-dots and with other different patterns: I often wear black dresses and black trousers so that’s my way to add some special detail to a simple and plain and otherwise boring outfit. I am planning to do something new from this month on, attending some artistic course for example, so I am tempted very much to add a backpack to my (small) collection of bags – I would need some extra space apart from the one that I have when I go to the office and I like very much the Moleskine backpack for its shape and design. The first thing to keep into it would of course be my Moleskine : I simply cannot live without my red paper-y agenda!

And red keeps on being my go-to colour for nails…I have discovered by chance this “Leading Lady” by Essie and I couldn’t help but fall for its rich deep red with glitters. What I love the most about it is its dark hue (for the glitters too) so that it really feels appropriate to be worn also in the most conservative of work environments (for the record, I work in one of those).

It’s my turn now to be curious about what’s your New Year’s resolution in terms of what to wear this January? Please share!

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