Marc by marc jacobs shoulder bag and Kobo, fashion

Pictured: Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Kobo e-book reader, case bought on ebay

I have – and I usually tend to buy – only big bags, and I guess it is because I always carry tons and tons of stuffs inside. But during a recent trip abroad I realized how necessary a small bag really is! So lately I have been searching for one to wear across my shoulders able to carry just the bare essentials and leaving my hands free. After a long search I can say this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag seems to properly answer all my needs! Also, it has pockets inside but it also has one big outside (great – as I always struggle to find my underground card) . Last but not least I love the golden details it has!

Pictured above there is also my new Kobo e-book reader, it is a gift and I must admit it is a great one! I have been gravitating towards one for quite some months, trying to imagine how it’d have been to renounce the old-fashioned paper books for the new tech ones (also in terms of desperately trying to reduce the content of my heavy bags – * see paragraph above for some more details…) and I like it!

picture by me

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