Being a music lover I am always curious and charmed by all style choices of my favorite artists. Their natural charisma and great talent and vision make them somehow able to create and to anticipate some major trends that often happen to become the signature style of a certain period of  time. One of the things that I like the most of music and fashion is their strong relation: witnessing how and how much they are connected to each other, and how and how much they are into our life every day really is amazing!

Debbie Harry of the band Blondie doubtless belongs to the list of my favorites in terms of music and style! She used to catch people’s eye not only because of her talent as a musician but also because of what she wore, and how she did. Whenever I stumble upon one of her pictures on the web I am always surprised to see how many elements of her many looks are so modern and wearable and totally on trend today!

Her perfectly messed-up do has always caused me major envy…

…I think it’s impossible not to fall for her hairstyle… 

…also, those lips!

A pair of jeans and a tee look super cool on stage

Love the girly pink jeans paired with a white tee and pink accessories – bold pink lips included!

Jeans on jeans : what’s more on trend than that?

This jeans shirt without buttons on the front looks incredible

She wore often short shorts, so stylish with a shirt…

…and the all-black version truly rocks with the smokey eye and that beret! Note also the visible pockets, they’re totally on trend now.

She has somehow showed us that bold and neon colors…

 …pair up unexpected beautifully together, either for a bold but polished look…
… or for something more edgier  
So, I am very curios now : how do you rate her look? Do you like her or not?

(source: random internet)

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