Pajamas, fashion

Pictured: Oysho pajamas

I know that common people use to make resolutions when the year is coming to its end. And I also know that some people use to have more than one resolution per year. So I think it is a little crazy if I say I have…let’s say…one resolution per month? Could that be considered normal, still? To my own defense, I have to say that is my personal way to try to achieve my everyday goal to improve day after day. To replace my old self I don’t seem to like anymore I incorporate new things and new elements into my life: a cathartic experience, maybe?
The good point in that is that I am often trying to look for and to be surrounded by elements that in a way or another have the ability to make my life brighter, more beautiful, bolder, funnier, etc.etc. The bad point in that is there will always be something new to be fascinated with! 
So I am now pretty much intrigued – please read: obsessed – with everything pajamas, and I am wondering if that is something with a hidden sense…wanting to substitute the most basic layers of myself should mean something, shouldn’t it?

picture by me

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