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As time passes I have learnt how good it feels to have a good skin because it allows you to wear just few make up – so great for someone as lazy as myself! Also, skin is the most important “accessory” we all have, it’s the first thing we see when we meet someone so it is important to have it clean and well-nourished. Winter is a delicate season for my skin because it seems to get drier and drier each day, so I must have particular care of it, carefully selecting the right products. Having tried many I have now chosen my favorites (L-R):

–          Freeze 24/7 – suggested by my sister, it’s revolutionary for the skin! I use it every day and I clearly see it detoxes my skin (I’ve seen good results after 10 days!). It is not a cheap product but it really is the best investment you could for your skin!

–          Iso-Urea – it gives new life to my super-dry body skin

–          Argan oil – it nourishes my skin and I love it because it is not oily at all

–          Sebum-Balancing Energizing Fluid Gel – so light it feels invisible and it gives a long lasting anti-shine effect

–          Smart Dual Action Exfoliator – I use it exfoliator once a week to purify my skin and to smooth it

How do you treat your skin during winter?

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