fashion, leather skirt

Wearing: vintage hat, old skirt, Oysho sweater, Accessorize bag, Sciubi shoes, OVS Industry faux fur jacket

Paul McCartney – With A Little Luck

Can you believe this skirt is more than 15 years old? It was such a surprise when it emerged from the very back of my closet…I thought it was lost! I must admit that a leather mini skirt could be a hard piece to wear. That is why I have tried to tone it down wearing a grey-black sweater to give it some casual appeal, so that I don’t have to renounce wearing high heels. On a detail note I love how black shoes merge into black tights. Also, you can see me wearing a clutch because…I have decided I want to experiment with clutches: they are so beautiful also if quite unhandy but I am sure I only need to learn how to wear them. So stay tuned for more experiments to come!

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