Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry, fashion

Pictured: Solid perfume jewelry by Marc by Marc Jacobs – left: ring, right: necklace/brooch

It’s April and it means Spring is officially in! The weather here seems to be slowly moving towards warmer temperatures so in the next few days I don’t think I am gonna wear my spring clothes as it is still a little bit cold. But to salute this very shy Spring – hoping for it to come in full bloom soon – my trick is to add my flower-y jewels to what I wear.

The two pictured above are from Marc Jacobs (there’s solid perfume into each), and they really are my favorite items in these period of the year because some bold statement jewelry gives me the chance to highlight a dark, wintry outfit. Add one of the brand new Chanel nail polishes and…Spring: here I come!

picture by me

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