April Moodboard, fashion

Now that April is here I am feeling freer to contribute to the new season with brighter colors and with less conventional black & white pairings. As I spend the majority of my time in the office I am looking for fashionable ideas about shirts and shoes in terms of colors, cuts and details. One thing is for sure : I will be sporting jackets a lot because I think they are the true comfy and chic pieces to wear during Spring until it turns into Summer (can’t wait!). As already said (proof here, here, here, here and here) I am still working to keep the promise made as my own New Year’s resolution (see here) to get rid of the unnecessary and to bring with me just the bare essential. So, wearing small, structured bags still is a big do for me! I love everything of the Mulberry one I put into my mood board, from the scalloped details to the pastel hue to the flower-y detail to its golden chain.

What are your major dos for Spring?

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