Pink or Red, fashion, nail polish


Pinks are : Butter London, Anna Sui, Ciaté, Guerlain, Topshop. Reds are : Essie, Opi, L’Oreal Color Riche, Chanel, Dior)

Nail polishes are fundamental for any fashion sense. Economical issues switched attention towards details and everything detail-related. So of course nail polishes saw a big boost. And not so slowly they changed identity turning from going almost unnoticed to being key. They are what determine the mood of any outfit, and  in this they work similarly to accessories. Pink and red colors are the big classics, the evergreens, the universally flattering shades. Not only : they are always office-appropriate, so they are a smart no-brainer with pink hues having also another big plus in showing a very low level of maintenance.

As for me, I love wearing nail polishes. I also love to see other girls wearing blues, greens, blacks, yellows, etc. but I simply cannot get used to such colors, as I am convinced those are totally unflattering to me. Add to that the fact that I am very lazy and that I work in a formal business environment so I have kept those in my “summer box stuffs”. I have developed a personal taste/rules when it comes to wear nail polish. So I always wear red with jeans (boyfriends, skinny, bootcut… no matter what), always pink if I wear any kind of pattern. Pink is also my go-to color when I wear many, big, chunky and colored jewelry, while red is my favorite choice every time I wear my LBDs.

Which is your choice? Pink or red?

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