In Our Gun, Gomez

Nothing beats the fact of listening  to a record that surprises you. Also, I am starting to think that probably the Merseyside contains a sort of magic potion so that the music that comes from over there – oh my – that’s incredibly amazing.

“In our gun” by the British band Gomez not only is a beautiful album, it is also a complete, a full album. It is different because it basically is and has more than what other albums are and have – raise your hands if you can tell another band with three vocalists and four songwriters, all the members being multi-instrumentalist, OF COURSE. Different personalities and backgrounds that generate a musical palette that is so various and enchanting and charming and thrilling that you cannot help it but asking yourself : how will this song will develop, which unexpected sound will be there at the unexpected minute of the song.

The tracklist:

1. Shot Shot

2. Rex Kramer

3. Detroit Swing 66

4. In Our Gun

5. Even Song

6. Ruff Stuff

7. Sound of Sounds

8. Army Dub

9. Miles End

10. Ping One Down

11. 1000 Times

12. Drench

13. Ballad of Nice & Easy

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