If you love guitar “Wild Wood” by Paul Weller is your must-have music record. You have to have it in your collection. Don’t get me wrong here : just like a Lady Dior bag it shouldn’t be the only one you have but you have to have it. It will surely suit you, I promise! It starts beautifully with an arpeggio and it goes on even better.  Trust me:  you will find yourself acting like a consummate professional air guitarist in your room while listening to it. I think the record we are talking about is one of the few musical gems out there, one that has the amazing capacity to make you want to try starting play the guitar and to make you want to try learning music from a deeper point of view. Believe me when I say that those are magical powers, especially nowadays when, unfortunately, the experience of music has become so cheap and superficial.

The Tracklist

  1. Sunflower
  2. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)
  3. Wild Wood
  4. Instrumental (Part 1)
  5. All the Pictures on the Wall
  6. Has My Fire Really Gone Out?
  7. Country
  8. Instrumental Two
  9. 5th Season
  10. The Weaver
  11. Instrumental One (Pt 2)
  12. Foot of the Mountain
  13. Shadow of the Sun
  14. Holy Man (reprise)
  15. Moon on Your Pyjamas
  16. Hung Up


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