(COS shirt, Zara skirt and shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace and vintage)

I try to get organized as much as I can in managing my outfits and what I wear. This involves having my clothes divided per category (trousers with trousers, jeans with jeans, dresses with dresses, etc) and per colors (on a scale going from white to black per each category). This may sound a little bit silly but it really helps a lot to fastly envision outfits and pairings. In this context I decided I wanted to have an outfit always ready for those days when, for one reason or another, I have little time and I cannot spend too much quality time analyzing the content of my closet. My no-brainer outfit is easy, comfy, fast and not boring. My spring summer go-to outfit relies on wearing a shirt, a pencil skirt and neutral high heels shoes. Lately I have been wearing a lot my unconventional light blue shirt , I like the fact of wearing something classical but with a twist! So it had to be the focus of my no-brainer outfit. I paired it with a classic pencil skirt (a very old Zara’s), and neutral shoes, embellishing everything with a lot of necklaces.

Do you have an outfit you rely on?

pictures by Fabio Barzaghi

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