(Gap blazer and tee, Accessorize necklace, H&M jeans, Zara shoes, Lacoste bag)

Have you ever thought: today I want to be a super cool and modern Harlequin? Well I have, and I have worn mismatched prints. This is not the first time, because I have already experimented pairing a floral jacked with floral skinny jeans, and I loved so much the result that I warmly suggest you to try! It can create some stunning yet unexpected pairings. At the same time you should carefully evaluate the prints you would like to mix because that must be someway meaningful. For this reason here there are the few, simple rules I followed:

– I matched different prints with the same colors

– I wore the prints with my favorite jeans (jeans provide a classic basic that will avoid feeling uncomfortable with the clashing prints)

– shoes must be with neutral colors and simple in shape

 Have you ever tried wearing polka dots and stripes at the same time?

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