Pictured from L-R: Dolce and Gabbana, Kinder Aggugini, Paul and Joe, Marc by Marc JacobsEmilio Pucci

Last summer my mum gave me as a gift a yellow scarf and I have been sort of obsessed by it since then. I love it: it pairs the pastel shades of yellow and gray and I find they match beautifully together! Scarf is one fashion element that I have always been attracted to (I love shapes, patterns, colors) but I have always been completely unable to use it. The best I have been able to do has been knotting it around the handle of my black bag…not very original I know…

I would love wearing a scarf as a head piece because I find that so summer-ready! But my attempts to put it around my head always failed, creating a monstrous obscenity that really I’d prefer to forget… But in spite of all that I am still fascinated by scarves and in fact I found myself searching for those in other forms. As belts, or transformed into dresses, or  maybe trousers, this month of June I am looking forward to experiment with fashion pieces which remind patterns of scarves!

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