packing to Rome

Pictured: Gap dress, H&M necklace, jacket and scarf, Zara ballerinas, Essie nail polish, Longchamp tote bag, Polaroid sunglasses, Nikon P7000, Lacoste hat

I am so excited because this weekend I am visiting Rome, I have never been there so I am head over heels happy!

Leaving for just few days is always challenging because packing is never easy to me…
I must carefully prepare my luggage because:
1 – I want to pack smart! (Yes I am a dreamer, I keep on following the dream to make the perfect luggage)
2 – I am going to spend all the time touristing around Rome so it makes no sense to have different dresses for the morning, the afternoon and the night
3 – I want to bring pieces easily switchable from daywear to eveningwear only adding few other elements

It’s June so the weather is warm enough to bring just a scarf and a thin jacket (…this helps a lot!). I will bring my cheetah scarf and my floral jacket so I can also play with mismatched prints – yes to basics, but with style!
I usually wear plain colored pieces so printed accents are the real deal here because they give the mood, define and add that personal touch that makes everything unique.
Here’s what I am packing:
* Longchamp bag (it can be folded, and when unfolded it’s so big & useful)
* Lacoste hat (my favorite and stylish protection from the sun, I love hats!)
* Polaroid sunglasses (Polarized sunglasses are the best invention of mankind)
* Gap dress (cotton is the best because it is fresh. This dress also has pockets – so useful!)
* Zara ballerinas
* H&M floral jacker & cheetah scarf (both very thin, just in the case of some chilly weather)
* Nikon P7000 (a must have, of course!)

What do you pack to travel light?


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