when in rome

The amazing power of travelling! Visiting another city is always the best of all experiences. I love big cities, I am always deeply fascinated by them because many interesting things can happen there and you have the chance to swallow all kind of cultural influences.

For me visiting a place means most of all having long walks, getting lost and always looking up – I don’t want to miss anything! I always promise to myself to bring an agenda where to write the “best of” what I discover strolling around but then in the end I never do  that…so I must rely on pictures!

I really don’t know what to expect when in Rome because I think it surely is one of the most amazing places in the world. I imagine Rome generates the exactly same reactions of when you arrive in Venice, so the feeling is  “wow! how is it even possible for a place like this one to even exist“? I am super curious to see all the ancient area – the Coliseum & co! – I have spent years and years at shool studying the Roman empire and now I want to see & touch all that!  But I am also looking forward to seeing the places where the “Dolce Vita” happened in the ’60…I’ve seen many famous pictures of that time, dreaming  of all the glamour, the dresses worn by the real divas and now I want to see where all that used to happen! Last but not least I am excited to see the political places of Rome because I love politics.

Plus: when in Rome, I am going to meet a dear friend of mine, we met when we were six years old at school and since then, no matter if we have attended different schools and universities in different cities, we have always been in contact and also if we have always met just for few days every year, I’m so excited to see her again!


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    Ehi!!! Proprio girando nel tuo blogmi sono resa contocheè già passato quasi 1 mese dalla vostro visitina nella Capitale… macom’è possibile?
    Quelle giornate però sono state davvero belle, Roma ha tanto, tanto, tanto… eanche di più da offrire.. e sono contenta che abbiamo potuto condividerla!

    Un salutone e un abbraccio!

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