My First Clarisonic

Pictured: Clarisonic 

Lately I have been pretty obsessed by facial skin care. Probably it is because I have sensitive skin (read: dermatitis) so my skin is always very dry and sometimes it hurts, but I have started to pay much attention to skincare products, and cleansers for face. I want a better skin, I want a glowing skin: that is my motto now. But how to get a glowing skin? I try to pursue the goal drinking water and eating healthier than I can. But I have also scanned the whole internet looking for the Holy Grail of the recipe for the glowing and the fair skin and I seem I have found it, and it’s called Clarisonic . To be honest I already knew its reputation of being a sort of miracle device to make the skin lookingbetter, but I have always been a little bit skeptical to try it ( I am always both skeptical and super curious about everything at the same time…). Result: I have waved bye bye to my skepticism – it’s summer after all and I want to stop wearing my BB cream and I want to go bare-faced always! I only want to wear my SFP face cream and nothing else every day of the year. But that requires the best of luck in the DNA lottery, healthy life style (ehy, I’m currently working on that, that’s the hardest part)  and some modern help – hence, the Clarisonic investment. From what I have read through the web, Clarisonic seems to be one of the best skin care brands, how could I not try it? So, thanks to a special Sephora sale I bought it and so these are for me the first few days of use. What is Clarisonic? If you still don’t know it is a professional facial cleanser. It has an electric brush that gives your face its patented circular micro massages for no longer than 60 seconds (you have to use it twice a day!) so it really is super fast and super easy to use! At the moment for what I can see I feel my skin smooth and not oily at all, if I use a cleansing wipe on my face after the Clarisonic treatment it remains white, no trace of anything or make up. I’m happy!

Do you already use Clarisonic? If you do, do you have any tips? Please share!

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