coral color block Zara skirt

Pictured: color block coral Zara skirt

Lately I have been experimenting with colors because I would like to find my own signature color for summer 2013. I usually always wear simple and plain colors like white, blue and black (and their variations) – the classic colors, that is. Due to the arrival of summer I feel I would like to add some brighter colors to my closet. I am poorly interested in the neon colors that I often see window shopping (never has been a dream of mine to be an highlighter, after all…), and on the other hand I don’t like very much pastels because they are so very much unflattering on me. Almost by chance I have discovered the color coral and I must admit I have been sold from the very first time. I love it! It has soon become my favorite summer alternative to all red hues and orange hues (the latter to be honest I have never liked very much). So when I saw this color block coral Zara skirt I knew from the very start it had to be mine because not only it has my favorite go-to color of this summer season but also because it fits perfectly to the color blocking trend I am super into!

picture by me

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