Nike sneakers

Pictured: Nike Lunarglide +4

I am not a sporty girl. Never been, never will be. I mean…I go running sometimes and I play tennis sometimes but I am too lazy and too clumsy to fully enjoy sport. Big mistake, I know…But I am trying to change a little bit, so I am working to find the appeal in sport by looking for a linking point between the two opposites (myself and the sport, that is). The common elements could only be sporty dresses and sporty shoes so in these last weeks I am concentrating on both those things. I must admit that sneakers have never been an appealing kind of shoes to me (the shape! the colors! the size!) but the evolution in fashion is making me evolve my point of view on sporty shoes with the result that lately I have been spending my time browsing all sorts of sporty shoes on on line stores and on off line stores searching for the perfect pair of colorful sneakers. And I succeeded! So now I proudly wear my brand new Nike Lunarglide +4 and I so love them! Love the light green paired with orange, love the extreme comfort they provide, above all love the fact that I was completely wrong when I thought sneakers were unflattering because those Nike Lunarglide are beautiful. Welcome revolution!

Ps. I was almost forgetting to say that my brand new Nike are a present from Fabio (who really knows best when the topic is sport, fashion and comfort!)

Picture by me

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