Rome - sunset on the Tevere river

Rome - street and checkered tableclothBlur ♦ Caravan

Rome - ruins of the ancient Roman Empire

Rome - people spotted relaxing

Rome - parked old style 500 car

Rome - beutiful windows

Rome - street

Rome - the Coliseum

Rome - the Fori Imperiali

Rome - St. Peter's Baldachin by Bernini

I have had the best of my time spending some days in Rome some weeks ago! I loved to plan the places I absolutely wanted to see and discovering they were incredibly better than how I thought they were. Rome is such an amazing place, it’s so worth a visit! I also must confess that I have been pretty lucky because two dear friends of mine live there so they showed the city and its secrets in a way that no book guide could ever do! Rome is also known for having a beautiful weather and it didn’t disappoint: it was sunny and hot, making me enjoy everything I packed especially comfy and fresh dresses.

pictures by me


  • Reply July 9, 2013


    beautiful pictures!!

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  • Reply September 6, 2013


    Complimenti Rosamaria, queste foto sono magnifiche! l’ultima in particolar modo!!

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