green shorts and big tote bag

pink trousers, white tee and ballerinasPoor Leno ♦ Royksopp

converse sneakers, white tee and nude trousers

blue dress, hat and ballerinas

Travelling means walking to me. Exploring, watching everything and doing my very best not to miss anything! When I travel and I go visiting new places my staples are a hat , a white tee shirt and a big tote bag. I love hats, (so every occasion is good to me to buy and to wear one…) and I find them greatly useful because in the summer they are my shelter from the sun and in the winter they are my shelter from the ugly weather, enough for me to state that they’re clearly one of the best invention of mankind. The white tee shirt is the most strategic piece to have because it is totally customizable by adding jewels, brooches, belts, knots, etc making the transition between a look to wear during the day and a look to wear during the night so easy! The tote bag is also a must-have to me because  I don’t think I will ever learn to carry the bare essential so now I rely on a Longchamp bag because I can fold it and it becomes super thin – that’s so brilliant!

pictures by Fabio Barzaghi

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