Testanera Palette Volume Powder

Pictured: Testanera Palette Volume Powder

Testanera Palette Volume Powder is one of my recents beauty findings becasuse I was looking for a beauty product that would give some volume to my fragile hair. And what a finding it is! It is the best product I have ever tried to boost my thin hair with a lot of volume. It works! It is a powder that you can pour it in your hands, then rubbing it through your fingers and it will disappear but you will keep on feeling it onto your fingers. Then if you pass your fingers through your hair lifting it up…you will see your hair will be lifted up with a lot of volume! Magic! And, to make the magic even more flawless I can say that it keeps your hair clean, and it lasts for quite some hours. It simply works providing volume. Also, the bottle is small enough to be kept in a clutch bag so that it is ready for all the touch-ups one may need (I infact bring it always with me in the beauty bag I everyday carry in my bag). Of course it works with straight and with curly hair and the result really is a lot of volume and a natural effect.

Have you already tried it?

Picture by me

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