Barletta - summer nautical signs

Barletta - old area

Barletta - the federician castle in the summer

Barletta - speed racing

Barletta - summer shadows

Barletta - candies

Barletta - fashion club sign

Barletta - palms in the summer

Barletta - the colossus Eraclio

Barletta - fairground

Barletta - summer afternoon

Time really flies…last time I spent some time in July in Barletta (the city where I grew up and where my parents and the rest of my family currently live) was in 1999. Shortly a couple months after July I was going to move to Milan and to start university and a different life. So many memories! Barletta is a lucky place because it has the sea and many many kilometers of beaches of white sand. Like every place in the world it has good things and bad stuffs but it has the sea, and that makes a huge and irreplaceble difference!!!

pictures by me

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