Blur Live in Milan, 28th July 2013

Pictured: The Blur live in Milan

God save the Brit pop!

Yesterday night I went to the concert of the British band Blur. What an amazing experience it was! And not just because it was like turning back time when I was a teenager, screaming and shouting super catchy songs, but mostly because the Blur really gifted us with a live performance that everyone will remember!

The whole night was a shower (in big contrast with the almost 40°C of the weather…) of songs that were super powerful played live, as much as Damon Albarn was: constantly jumping up and down and onto the audience that was waiting for nothing more than grabbing their human object of desire!

The songs played were the high energy hits which all contributed to create an important piece of that fundamental British Pop Culture. Blur’s songs catalogue is a real pleasure to listen to because it is made of many musical gems that we were gifted yesterday night – and live: There’s no other way, Beetlebum, Coffee & Tv, Tender (and its liberating chorus to be sung!), Out of Time, the beautiful ballad The Universal. The (inevitable) special mention goes to Song 2: no doubt it’s the perfect piece to end a very much waited concert, making the whole audience literally explode and going crazy!

Picture by Fabio Barzaghi

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    Terrific live performance!

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