wings tee shirt with chunky and bold necklace

Pictured: H&M jeans and necklace, Paul Smith belt, Marc by Marc Jacobs ring, Lacoste bag, Wings tee shirt bought during Paul McCartney’s concert in Verone

I have never been in my life a tee shirt kind of girl. I in fact have always been too concentrated on the sporty allure that a tee shirt has making in this way the big mistake to underestimate its power. Being the basic piece by definition a tee shirt could be accessorized and embellished in endless ways, and that means that it could be worn in multiple ways and for multiple occasions. Simply, all it takes is to enrich it with such details – like a vintage brooch, for instance – so that it can turn your outfit into something elegant, for example.

In these days I am all into tee shirts worn with big, bold and chunky necklaces. I am keeping on experimenting with tee shirts and necklaces pairing those mostly with skinny jeans, like I already showed up some time ago. I am a big fan of this trend mostly because I love wearing necklaces (that are for sure my favorite kind of accessory to wear, by the way).

I plan to extend this personal trend of mine also to skirts soon, so stay tuned to see the results!

Picture by Fabio Barzaghi

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