Brown Summer Wedges

Pictured: Nine West wedges

If I should think of the epitome of summer shoes I would doubtless say: wedge shoes. I must admit that it’s not always been like that, because in fact I started to appreciate wedges pretty later in my life. But now I must admit that they are a staple in my summer closet! What I like the most is the versatility that wedge shoes have worn with a casual attire or matched with everything jeans-related, not to mention they look lovely paired with all sorts of summer-ish girlie dresses! The above mentioned versatility is the main reason why when I bought mine (shown in the picture above) I decided to go for a caramel neutral color. I love colored options when it comes to fashion, but I also know that summer clothes are already pretty much colored and full of colored patterns, so I preferred to choose shoes that are a no-brainer when I have to pair them with the content of my closet. This ends up having (almost) endless fashion opportunities to take,  and that sounds like heaven to me (I’ m lazy!). Also, the icing on the cake is that in spite of being quite high they’re super comfortable so there is really nothing not to love about summer espadrille wedges!

picture by me

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