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Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe

I do my very best to cuddle my own skin. I know it has not always been like  that, because my main fault is a ginormous laziness that makes me spend the bare minimum of time to do the bare minimum of actions to take care of  my skin. But I must honestly admit that I am making progresses either in learning how to take care and in getting rid of my laziness.

Proof is that I have bought my MIA2 Clarisonic that now is part of my beauty routine because I use it twice every day every day. Secondly, I am starting to adapt and customize my skin care routine according to the current season. And the latter is quite the revolution! Being exposed to everything good and bad, skin DOES evolve and DOES change, so it may have unmet needs accordingly to the environment it’s living in, in that particular period of time.

I have dermatitis, so my skin is super fragile but at the same time it has oily tendencies so…it is a real mess! When Autumn comes my skin starts to show its need to be more hydrated and moisturized so I have always used thick creams that are a nightmare for me because I deeply hate feeling anything on my face and/or body and that includes creams also, no matter how scented or unscented they may be. So as Autumn came I decided to try something new and more comfortable for my skin, face and body at the same time (I repeat, I am lazy).

That’s why I bought Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse and I am loving it! It is a dry oil made almost entirely of natural ingredients that has the power to be absorbed in real time (really!); also it smells amazing. Plus, it can be used on body, face and hair. The revolution! I am using it on body and face and what I see is a glowing, smooth and even skin. I tried to use it as a mask on my hair and scalp but I was not satisfied because my hair’s too thin it was left a little bit greasy after shampooing. But I am using Huile Prodigieuse on dry hair on my split ends and the result is great!

Which is your must have skin care product when Autumn comes?

Picture by me

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