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From L-R: 1 J.Crew, 2 Olivia von Halle, 3 DKNY, 4 Equipment

Lately I have started to have a different opinion about nightwear. Simply, I have started to give a valuable…value to what I wear when I go to sleep and it wasn’t like that in the past, it was the contrary. Probably I am learning to take care of myself a little bit more day after day. I am discovering how good it feels to surround myself in the best way that I can with things I like, those that make me feel beautiful and serene and I am embracing the fact that paying attention to occasions (I am not talking anything big here…just everyday life) is a beautiful thing that can really make the difference.

What do you think?

Ps. Fall/Winter 2013 is giving me the chance to talk weekly about some of my favorite trends: sweaters, boots, and coats – click on the links if you’re curious and want to know more!

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