This year 2013 surely is the year of David Bowie. This in fact has been the year of the release of his new record “The Next Day”, then there was the huge success of the exhibition about him at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and then he was chosen as the best dressed Briton in history. Amazing! But then, it is the bare minimum form of tribute for a real Artist (capital letter here is mandatory, of course). I agree with all the critics who consider him as the performer who elevated the music into a complete form of art during all his extraordinary career  as nobody ever did before him and everyone after him will only resemble as a simple copy. So it was just a matter of time since when the official world of fashion would ask him to join as a brand ambassador, and Louis Vuitton has done that. In the latest of the Louis Vuitton’s amazing “Voyage” campaigns Mr. David Bowie appears in all his Venetian glory. The short film was shot last summer in Venice by David Sims and was directed by Romain Gavras.

What do you think of the advert?



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