rain boots, umbrellas, rain essential

Boots from left to right are : Hunter € 110, Hunter € 165, Marc by Marc Jacobs € 260, Red Valentino € 145, Tory Burch € 175

Umbrellas from left to right are: Chantall Thomass € 165, Felix Rey 50, Gucci €165, Harrods € 21, Paul Smith € 127

The season of the rain has started in all its glory here in Milan.
But this is also the season of coats, of boots, of turtlenecks, of the time enjoyed at home wearing the comfiest pajama, of new adventures in the place you’re living in carrying a brand new bag.
Well, I don’t like rain at all, above all because everything here in Milan seems to stop working as long as rain keeps on pouring.
But that’s unchangeable so there’s nothing I can do…except trying to work on those elements  that can help improve my feelings towards what I consider such an unfair weather.
Boots and umbrellas are the key pieces I rely on when rain is the routine weather, and as time passes I think it is a no-no to underestimate them.
A well-made pair of boots and a well-made umbrella could provide the best shield from the hardest weather so I have made my decision too skip improvisation and to invest in something of a bigger quality than what I am currently used to.
At the very beginning of my research I thought it would have been pretty easy, because – you know – they are just rain boots and umbrellas after all but almost immediately I had to change my mind because I have discovered a world greatly rich of pieces and of super creative ones. How amazing! There’s a world to know and so many beautiful pieces to fall in love with, and of course I wanted to share with you my latest discoveries – pictured above!

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