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December, already – time flies!

A new month means that there are brand new magazines to read, with all their new inspirations and lot of discoveries. I am quite the big reader, online magazines or paper magazines – I love them both, love their differences and the different ways they show their own content to their audience. If I should say my favorite magazine that would be a hard question to answer: probably I would say Vogue, but probably this answer would be based on the amazing reputation it has in the world of fashion, making it the must-have read because it has access to the very best. I have a sort of little harmless vice related to Vogue: I love and try to collect Vogues from all over the world so it happens that whenever friends and or relatives go abroad I ask them to buy for me one copy of the local Vogue. Vogue apart I enjoy reading InStyle, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Grey. Except from Vogue Italy I tend to buy foreign magazines although they are quite expensive but I think it’s the best investment to nourish one’s creativity!

Which are your favorite magazines?

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