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Pictured above: Veruschka by Richard Avedon

A brand new year calls for a brand new resolution!
I am a big dreamer, so I always tend to think (too) big and that makes my achievements hard to reach.
But this year I want to stay a little bit more realistic. I aim to focus on little but big-in-quality stuffs. I will work hard to make my small steps real, maybe little by little, learning to enjoy such small victories and improvements that I yearn to gain. Anyway I am keeping just one big wish (big secret! I hope I can turn it into reality very soon), and I will work harder than ever to make it the real thing.
My big mission/resolution for 2014 is to learn to appreciate everything and to constantly be inspired by everything!

So to achieve my big goal I am planning to:

1. play more bass guitar
2. regularly listen to brand new music
3. master the cat eye make-up
4. buy less, buy better
5. read! read! read! study! study! study!
6. improve my photographic skills
7. more live music! more cinema! more art exhibitions!

8. travel – not necessarily going abroad, but simply discovering new towns and places nearby

Let me wish you all an amazing new year 2014!!!

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