Paul McCartney knows one secret or two to defy space and time. He uses his talent to do the most amazing of stuffs: carving music to create melodies that are torn away from their human physical limits of space and time so that they can go floating in a parallel universe where everything lives free and above, in a sort of metaphysical essence.

I am amazed how all of his countless music production can easily be addressed as his own although he went through so many musical genres, collaborations and innovations during all these years. But the  real deal here is that every music he does seems to  be ageless.

These are the exact feelings I have every time I listen to his endless music production  so I was sure he would not have disappointed me and my feelings with his latest album “New” released last October. Have you listened to it?

During this year’s Grammy Awards Sir Paul McCartney reunited with Ringo Starr (oh, to have been there…) to perform a super energetic version of the song “Queenie Eye” from the “New” album that ended up in a standing/dancing ovation!

Ah, and of course he won:

  • Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Best Rock Song for ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ which he co-wrote with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear
  • Best Special Limited Edition Package for last year’s ‘Wings Over America’ re-issue
  • Best Surround Sound Album for ‘Live Kisses’
  • Best Music Film for ‘Live Kisses’

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