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As many of you probably know my boyfriend and I moved to our new apartment not long ago, so its decor and furnishing is still a work in progress. We are now in that stage of the process when each room has its own basic furniture so we can now work on selecting key pieces and details to add personality. For example we are arranging a small space dedicated to work and I will also love to set an area of the house to entertain. I admit that this is the best part of decorating although it requires some patience and a lot of research.

So when Chairish invited me to create my ideal home bar featuring one of their beautiful bar stools I couldn’t be happier!

First of all let me tell you that if you still don’t know Chairish you are really missing something incredible. Chairish is a terrific resource if you are looking to add unique pieces to your home, or if you would like to sell some loved furnishings. Chairish is also an endlessly creative source of decor-inspiration, no matter which style you are into! Also, one of the things I love the most is that the prices of the pieces sold on their website are of all ranges, so that everyone can afford a stylish and a one-of-a-kind house!

I styled my home bar inspired by the Henri Matisse exhibition I saw when I was in London few weeks ago. The exhibition was about Matisse cut-outs and those masterpieces were a triumph of colors and of amazing shapes: I was completely sold! And I let myself go, happily overwhelmed by Matisse’s amazingly colorful world.

So when Chairish sent me the yellow bar stools used in the picture above I immediately went back to that exhibition, and inspired by Matisse’s art pieces and block of colors (especially by “The Flight of Icarus”) I wanted to recreate a contemporary space full of pulsating tints, art and music.

The home bar I designed is a very well defined and color-blocked entertaining space. I’m all for a small dedicated space at home, with few-but-good tools, where friends can be near each other talking, sharing laughs, drinking a good glass of wine and listening to some great music.

I love the idea of creating a statement corner in a house, a unique space where one can enjoy the true pleasures in life: and the good company of friends certainly is on top! And I think one good way (and not expensive at all) to do that is simply by using strong and bold colors to define spaces through accessories and furnishings. And I think that Chairish is one of the most exciting places on the web able to give everybody the chance to turn one’s interior design fantasies to reality!

I invite you to enter the Chairish world here: Chairish website / Chairish Facebook page / Chairish Twitter profile / Chairish on Instagram / Chairish Pinterest boards

Clicking on the links listed below you can find the details and the source of all the images I used to create my home bar:


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