From left to right: Creatures of comfort, Creatures of the wind, Kaelen, Marissa Webb, Ostwald Helgason, TSE

New York Fashion week is officially over, next stop: London!
New York fashion is always interesting because it is super wereable and not extremely formal, so for me it is always a great source of inspiration.
London is very much creative, honestly too much for my current everyday working life and Milan is formal and serious and, again, a little bit too much for my current everyday style.
So New York is my go-to fashion choice although it has a big disadvantage: what I see on the runway shows arrive in Italy a couple of years later making me wish even more badly to afford such amazing and super expensive clothes!

In spite of all the many different styles showed, these are the three major trends I spotted for next Spring Summer 2015 season from New York Fashion Week.

The Long Vest: the vest is that particular garment that ever once in a while appears in the fashion world, then as suddenly as it rises, it disappears. The strangest life cycle, ever. Spring summer 2015 seems to be its moment again and I loved to see how versatile it is. From sporty (Creatures of Comfort, TSE), to demure (Creatues of the Wind, Ostwald Helgason), from ladylike (Kaelen) to rock (Marissa Webb) vests are really everywhere to complement every style.

Mixed prints

From left to right: CG Chris Gelinas, Nicole Miller, Novis, Suno, Trina Turk, Tania Taylor

The Mixed Prints: without any doubts this is the funnier trend but watch out it is also the most complicated! Mixing and matching different patterns cannot be improvised – I’m learing how to to do it. It’s not easy at all because when I pair different patterns the visual impact is quite strong and as I am not very much accostumed to anything like that I always fear I put together the wrong patterns. That is why I am working on finding as many mismatched looka sa I can, simply to train the eye to learn how to replicate them.
Anyway, I spotted perfectly mismatched prints almost everywhere on the fashion shows. They are fun, full of colors and playful: a real treat and feast for the eye!

KnotsFrom left to right: Baja East, Josie Natori, Jill Stuart, Lyn Devon, Nonoo, Tome

The Knot: the simpler, most understated and unexpected element becomes the new sartorial it-thing. And the good news is that it is a detail that everyone can add for a flirty (JIll Stuart), feminine (Josie Natori, Nonoo), or even exotic (Baja East) touch to their looks. This knot thing is very much democratic!

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